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Professional Resources

Pfizer UK Corporate Site.


Electronic Medicines Compendium contains prescribing and patient information for licensed medicines.


Partner4Better (P4B) is a global outreach program designed to empower healthcare professionals to deliver better patient outcomes through relevant educational content. P4B offers on-line learning modules on a variety of topics. This site is developed by Pfizer Medical Information (a non-promotional arm of Pfizer Inc.).

Pfizer Pipeline

Please view our Pfizer Pipeline for information about our medicines in development.

Independent Medical Grants

Pfizer supports the submission of grant requests from healthcare organisations to support the independent medical and/or scientific initiatives of that healthcare organisation, that are aligned to Pfizer's medical and/or scientific strategies. Medical grants that Pfizer may consider include: quality improvement grant, independent medical education grant, general research grant, investigator sponsored research and global competitive grants program.

Medical Information Leaders in Europe (MILE)

MILE (Medical Information Leaders in Europe) is an Industry Association that intends to share knowledge and best practice around the function of Medical Information in Europe. The overall goal is to continuously improve access to information about medicinal products for health care professionals and patients and thereby contribute to a safer and more appropriate use of such products.

Medical Information Gateway

The MI Gateway is an online portal developed by MILE which enables users to easily search for the contact details of the Medical Information function for a specific product.

Clinical Trials

Pfizer clinical trials

To learn more about the clinical trial process and the Pfizer clinical trials in the UK, please visit the Pfizer UK Corporate site.


Searchable database which provides information about ongoing clinical trials.